Prince Edward Island DXpedition 2015
QSL Cards are being printed, and will ship as soon as we recieve them.

Ariel (NY4G), Bill (N4IQ), Phil (AC4Q), and Bob (ND7J) will operate an amateur radio DXpedition station On Prince Edward Island July 7-14, 2015- including & during the IARU HF World Championship contest. Our location will be The P.E.I DX Lodge.
NY4G will continue on to a 2nd DXpedition to
St Pierre & Miquelon after PEI.

IOTA NA-029 | Grid Square FN76vs | ITU Zone 9 |  CQ Zone 5


Bands and Modes

The team will operate high power all bands and modes, primarily CW, SSB and RTTY, including the WARC bands. We will focus on low bands and favoring difficult propagation paths to provide as many amateurs the opportunity to get Prince Edward Island in their log as possible. During the contest the team will operate in the Contest Bands exclusively (excluding WARC and 60m). The contest will be priority, however we will work as many "Q" 's as possible.

How You Can Help

DX Code of Conduct

We will follow the DX Code of Conduct and invite you to do so also.