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Refund / Pre Order Info
"The Fine Print" - READ IT PLEASE, SO YOU KNOW! If you do not read this we are not responsible for disappointments!

When Pre-Ordering - IMPORTANT info for you to READ! Use the "Shipping Information Area" for the Riders Name (First and Last) and the "Company" field for the Horse Name. WE MUST HAVE THE RIDER NAME AND HORSE NAME! If we do not have this info we do not know who to photograph. Pre-Ordering gets you: A Savings of 20%!! In addition, pre-ordering gets you: All Photos we have taken on a DVD, shipped to you about 10 days after the show, OR We e mail you a download link (Drop Box) about 3 days after the show, which ever you choose. Dressage shows typically gets APPROX. 70 photos, and 2 rides. Eventing gets all 3 phases, with 60+ Photos. These are estimates, so please do not request a refund if you only got 68 photos instead of 70, Or only 1 ride. On the same point, we will not ask for more $$ if we shoot 80 photos, or shoot 3 rides. Our goal in dressage is at least 2 rides, more if we can! Show schedules, conflicts can affect this, so we then try to use the first signed up first photographed method, so signing up early is a benefit. Regardless of which delivery method you choose, you receive full res, and full copyrights which include printing rights We do our best to cover as many others over and above the sign ups at Dressage Shows. During Events, we shoot all Stadium and XC. We shoot pre-order dressage as priority, and then as many others as we can. Refund Policy - PLEASE READ DRESSAGE SHOWS: We do our best to shoot as many rides, and photos for all sign ups. This depends greatly on the level of your ride. Typically, we shoot APPROX. 35 to 40+ photos per dressage ride depending on the level your riding. Walk trot will have less photos since we have less to shoot, however we do cover the entire ride from Salute to salute. We will shoot as many other riders at the show as we can, HOWEVER sign ups have priority. No refunds if you scratch, unless you contact us to inform us of the scratch BEFORE YOUR SCHEDULED RIDE(S). No Guarantee on the # of photos and these are estimates. We do our best to get each sign up 2 or more rides. This is not a guarantee. Sometimes due to conflicts this is not possible. In the event of a conflict, we shoot the first person who signed up. HORSE TRIALS: We shoot all XC and Stadium Rides. If you pre-order we will get your dressage rides as well. We also shoot as many other dressage rides as we can over and above the sign ups. Pre-order sign ups have priority in the dressage Phase. Typically, we shoot APPROX. 20+ Dressage, 15 to 20+ Stadium, and 20 to 25+ XC Photos per horse. These are approximate numbers and we do not guarantee this. We do our best to get as many photos of each rider, in each phase as we can. This also depends on the level your riding. NO REFUNDS IF YOU ARE ELIMINATED. No refunds if you scratch, unless you contact us to inform us of the scratch prior to your scheduled dressage ride time. If you do not call to inform us, this is considered a "No Show", and we do not refund. We will be scheduling your dressage ride time, and waiting for you, so please call if you scratch so we can fill your time with another rider. We will give full refunds on pre-orders if you call prior to the show (Friday by 5PM) due to illness, or other extenuating circumstances which prevents you from showing. ALL SHOWS:THE NUMBER OF RIDES AND NUMBER OF PHOTOS ARE ESTIMATES. WE DO OUR BEST TO GIVE YOU AS MANY PHOTOS AS WE CAN, AND COVER AS MANY RIDES AS WE CAN. WE WILL NOT CHARGE YOU MORE IF WE SHOOT MORE THEN THE ABOVE NOTED ESTIMATES, AND WE DO NOT OFFER REFUNDS IF WE SHOOT LESS. IT IS OUR GOAL TO MAKE EVERY CUSTOMER A HAPPY CUSTOMER. WE DO NOT REFUND ANY AMOUNT IF THE SHOW CANCELS ANY DIVISION OR CLASS FOR A WEATHER-RELATED ISSUE OR ANY OTHER REASON. WE HAVE INVESTED CREW / HOTEL / AND MANY OTHER EXPENSES, AND REFUNDS ARE NOT POSSIBLE. JUST AS THE SHOW WILL NOT REFUND DUE TO WEATHER RELATED CANCELATIONS, WE CANNOT REFUND. THESE TYPES OF CANCELATIONS ARE VERY RARE. IF THIS POLICY IS NOT ACCEPTABLE, PLEASE WAIT UNTIL YOU ARE AT THE SHOW TO ORDER, OR ONLINE AFTER THE SHOW. THANK YOU FOR YOUR BUSINESS!!


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