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To View The Galleries CLICK HERE BUT 1st READ the ordering Info Below.

When Purchasing online Follow these directions.

Uss the link above to access the galleries. To Order CALL 828.696.5104. We will take your CC # and hold it so you can send us a check. This will save you $25.00+

Credit Card Policies:

DUE TO scum bags who constantly try to steal online info, merchants, (Including WNC Photo) are now forced to comply with many credit card standards. WNC Photo has comformed to these to protect or customers. HOWEVER it has become VERY costly to do this. Since we, in most cases do not have internet access, (or good internet access) at the shows, we have to take credit card information on paper, and manualy enter it after the show. This type of transaction, has the highest costs to WNC Photo, due to the Possible Fraud Issues it can cause. For this reason we prefere to accept CASH or CHECKS. Checks must be made payable to ROBERT CIESZENSKI. If you pay us in cash or by check we will pass along a considerable savings to you. Just ask for details or call us.

Feel Free to Contact us for more information, or Questions 828-696-5104

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Equestrian Photographers: Capturing Horse & Rider in Time
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